Well the cat’s truly out of the bag now, we’re super proud to announce that we’ll be working with the fantastic Harrow Arts Centre! It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on developing a kids show and some confidence boosting workshops for children aged 7-11.

When we started making up Pantos, we knew we loved telling adventure stories about magic and heroes. So we’ve worked on a brilliant show for kids all about that! We’ve got four fantastic themes up our sleeve: Pirates, Outer Space, Magical Kingdom and Under the Sea.

The stories will be completely made up on the spot by our talented improvisers, and led by the suggestions from our audience of children! Any idea can (and will) by used! If you decide that the mermaids under the sea need a motorbike, then that’s exactly what they get! Or maybe there are two goblins in the Magical Kingdom who you think should get a makeover and a chance to be the King and Queen of the land. Anything goes!

These shows are aimed at kids aged 5-11 but are suitable for all ages – the more the merrier!

Alongside these shows, we’re running two different workshops for budding actors and storytellers aged 7-11. Whether you’d like to try your hand at some acting, improve your story telling skills, or just have some fun, you can come along to our ‘Creating a Character’ and ‘Telling a Story’ workshops with Harrow Arts Centre.

For more information and to book tickets to any of these events, visit the Harrow Arts Centre Website.

Show times

Build Your Own Pirate Story – 20th September 2pm

Build Your Own Space Story – 27th September 2pm

Build Your Own Magical Kingdom Story – 4th October 2pm

Build Your Own Under The Sea Story – 11th October 2pm

Workshop times

Creating a Character Workshop – 20th September 11am

Telling a Story Workshop – 27th September 11am

Creating a Character Workshop – 4th October 11am

Telling a Story Workshop – 11th October 11am


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