During lockdown, Pinch Punch recorded themselves in their homes – across two countries! – in order to heroically improvise a brand new soap opera every single week! (For seven weeks.) These were based entirely on suggestions from you, our audience, so you have to take at least 50% of the blame.

Pinch Punch is currently planning to record a second season of the Podcast. Follow us on twitter, and you can submit your suggestions, and let us improvise around them!

Episode One – Something Borrowed, Something Blueballs

This week we chat about mushy cereals, figure out which one of us is the most useful to measure out social distancing and ask just which one is Bob Dylan anyway?

Episode Two – A Murder Of Tigers

This week we chat about wrong names on coffee cups, terrifying nights at Grandma’s house and the ordeal of having a tiger to tea. 

Episode Three – The Jungle Runs

This week we descend into a dystopian Noel Edmonds Nightmare as we chat about just how much beer is in a pint, what’s in a snake charmer’s basket and buskers who bask in danger.

Episode Four – Neeeighbours

This week we find ourselves home on the range as we chat about boob facts, how to make or break a child and which of our members had a My Little Pony phase at 8. 
(Mild warning, this episode contains sexual content and terrible puns.)

Episode Five – Weston Super Hair

This week we chat about hair tips from a mysterious far away lady, Mr Greedy’s polite name change and reminisce on the days where cocktails flowed freely and happy hour was a real thing. 
(Little warning – mild bad language.)

Episode Six – Water Time To Be A Wolf

Welcome to Area 50! Pinch Punch’s improvised Soap Opera reaches into the supernatural this week as spooks terrorise an American Diner!
This week we delve into the opinions of cool waiters, tragic French ghosts and discuss just how sexy is juggling anyway?

Episode Seven – Murder, She Prescribed!

Pinch Punch bring you a medical murder mystery in their jam packed Season 1 finale!
Find out who committed the deadly deed and why on earth they’d go to the effort as we chat cabin beds, snogging practice and eye injections.
(Mild warning – We have one naughty word and a heap of silliness, proceed with caution) 


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