Pinch Punch is an Improv Comedy group based in London. They’re best known for their Improvised Panto, and the Pinch Punch Podcast. They also run improvisation workshops for young and old! Take a look at our members below to find out more (before you come and meet us at a show or a workshop)!

Angela Eyton

Angela graduated from Drama Studio London in 2015. She loves improv because you work together and help each other out to make the best story you can. She absolutely LOVES peanut butter and eats it EVERY DAY!

Eoin McAndrew

Eoin trained at RCSSD and is, nonetheless, an award nominated actor and playwright. He likes improv because he loves not having the pressure of learning lines! His fears include spiders and time.

David Fenne

David trained at Rose Bruford and his lifelong dream is to become the Red Power Ranger (despite his lack of athletic prowess). His favourite thing in improv is coming up with justifications for nonsense.

Sophie Warren

Sophie trained at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and NYTW. She is Welsh Royalty as she was Prestatyn Carnival Queen 2006-2007. She loves improv because it’s so silly! There’s no right answer!

Emma Lundegaard

Emma trained at RCSSD. She once played ‘Poo’ in a show. Reviewers said her performance stank. Emma loves improv for a few reasons, but most of all for the strange tangents that her subconscious throws up.

Sam Ross

Sam trained at RCSSD, and was part of a mock boyband called ‘Boys at Heart’. He loves improv because you don’t need to learn lines, or do any character prep, you have no idea what is going to happen and it’s EXHILARATING! 

Lottie Davies

Lottie trained at Drama Studio London. In improv, she loves PIRATES, being silly, and making up characters who can do things she can’t do in real life! She doesn’t really have an ‘Indoor Voice’ and her dream job is Mr Blobby’s handler on a Blobby arena tour.

Peter Rugman

Peter trained at the RCSSD. He is a medium sized Lancastrian with a boisterous, caring personality. He loves belly rubs and long walks. Nothing gives him a bigger rush than thinking on his feet in a challenging improv show.

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